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Who we are

In Asylkreis (Asylum Circle) volunteers meet to exchange their experiences in organizing help and making the public aware of the refugees' distress and living conditions. We offer language courses, we provide childcare and company during appointments with authorities, we arrange contacts for legal advice, we regularly organize meetings and free time activities etc.


We also organize the distribution of private donations from the public, assist in finding housing and collaborate with the Council and Administration of the Municipality of Haltern am See for the concerns of refugees.


Asylkreis cooperates closely with the protestant church community, Caritas and the Welfare Office of the city.


Asylkreis is an open cooperation between different volunteers and is not structured as an official association.

History of Asylkreis

Since approximately 25 years there are people in Haltern am See who are turning towards refugees and asylum seekers to offer them help in many different ways. The initiators were Mrs. Maria Dammann, Pastor Bruno Pottebaum, Pastor Karl Henschel and others. They made it their business to assist people who left their home due to war, religious or political persecution, discrimination, hunger, hardship and a complete lack of perspective.


Especially after the long lasting conflicts in Lebanon during the 70s and 80s many refugees came to us. The largest number of refugees arrived after the Balkan war in the 90s. Back then, the city of Haltern am See temporarily provided shelter to about 1000 people.

Coordination meetings

Once a month different kinds of supporters meet for a coordination evening. We exchange information and plan joint projects. This exchange between volunteers, representatives of Caritas, the Municipality of Haltern, and the church-communities constitutes the actual "Asylkreis".


Normally, the coordination meetings take place on the 1st Tuesday of the month at the Vitus House (Lippstraße 7-9).


To keep the meetings efficient and productive, one representative of each group is invited. For further information please contact

Housing in Haltern

Asylum-seekers who have been allocated to Haltern live in different housing facilities and appartments all over the city while their asylum-applications are processed. For a long time, professional and voluntary helpers have been supporting the asylum-seekers. As a consequence of the current refugee situation, the number of volunteers has increased and a broad variety of language- and integration-groups has developed.

Emergency housing by the federal state of NRW in Sythen

The emergency housing by the federal state was managed by the German Red Cross association from Coesfeld till the middle/end of August 2016. It provided temporary accommodation to people who were to be distributed to other cities in NRW, following their registration and medical check-up. Between the fall of 2015 and the summer of 2016, several support-groups have been formed for the up to 220 people who found shelter there. In addition to language courses, activities for children and adolescents and Welcomé Cafés, there were sport groups, a carpool service and a management team for in-kind donations. The camp in Sythen has been closed now.

The buildings are temporarily being used as a communal housing facility by the municipality of Haltern am See, about 50 people who have been assigned to the city of Haltern are living there.


For further information please contact consult our overview of groups (English version coming soon).

Current Numbers

16 November, 2019


At the moment there are about 720 refugees living in Haltern am See.

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