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Menschen stärken Menschen - Patenprojekt Asylkreis Haltern

Are you new in Haltern am See? Would you like to get to know locals and become friends? Our project Menschen stärken Menschen (people empower people) supports friendships between refugees and people who have been living in Haltern for a longer time.


You can sign up, be matched with your new potential friend and meet. Then you both decide if you want to become friends. Or you can come to our Asylkreis activities and get to know someone by coincidence.


Friendships can be very useful to address problems and establish a network here in Haltern

- You can spend free time with your new tandem partner and experience a cultural exchange

- Your friend can give you advice on who to talk to in case of problems and help you understand important letters - He or she can tell you about interesting activities, courses and associations - Maybe your friend can be helpful to find a job or an apartment

- both tandem partners have to be open and show mutual respect, like any other friendship Menschen stärken Menschen is a voluntary project and you can decide to stop participating at any time


If you are looking for a tandem partner please contact or talk to Tobais at an Asylkreis event. For further information please check our website or join the Café of Cultures, every Wednesday from 4 to 6 pm at Erich-Kästner-Schule, Drususstraße 2 in Haltern.

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